Design, execution, and commissioning of Industrial Constructions and Installations

In collaboration with the client, the buildings and civil works necessary for the new investment project or modification of industrial installations are designed. According to the industrial process to be developed or modified, the design, calculation, technical project, and legalization of the general industrial installations are specified.
Previous Actions

-Definition of the current legal framework: urban, environmental, and technical.

-Study of the implications of the legal framework on the process.

-Justification of the urban suitability of the available industrial land.

-Prior verification of obtaining the Environmental Authorization of the process in the geographical area where it is located.

-Prior management of availability of connection to external electrical, gas, water, and discharge networks.

Types of Industrial Installations Projects

High voltage: Independent Switching Center, Energy Delivery Center, Transformation Center, Overhead Lines, Underground Lines.

Low voltage: Lines, general and secondary panels, grounding, interior and exterior lighting.

Natural gas

Compressed air

Industrial air conditioning, heating, and ventilation

Storage of chemical products (APQ)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

ATEX Atmosphere


Lubrication and hydraulics

Fire protection

Combustible gases and liquid fuels

Drinking and industrial water

Connections to public networks

Process Design and Equipment Definition
IAG analyzes industrial processes for more efficient management of the same:
-Appropriate machinery and equipment for the industrial installation are designed and defined based on technical requirements.
-Plant layout is designed to optimize the arrangement of machinery and equipment, materials, personnel, and auxiliary services so that the value added by the production function is maximized.

Construction Direction, Control, and Supervision

IAG has extensive experience in Construction Direction, Control, and Supervision and provides the following services for different types of actions (building, civil works, installations, etc.):

-Planning construction and installation work according to the process equipment installation plan.

-Assistance in selecting and contracting contractors, analysis of offers, selection interviews, and contract signing.

-Safety study and collaboration with the safety coordinator on site.

-Quality control and compliance with work program.

Control of contractor certifications: measurements.

-Monitoring of work plan and required quality of construction and installation.

-Certification of building delivery, verifying compliance with required specifications.

Purchasing Management

IAG prepares specifications, measurements, and detailed plans for the work or installation in question for evaluation by suppliers. It also analyzes and discriminates between received offers to advise you on the final supplier selection.

Industrial plant reengineering

The rapid evolution in industrial techniques, the continuous adaptation to market demands, and the need to adapt plants to a more efficient cost structure make it a matter of survival to adapt and reform manufacturing plants, warehouses, internal flows, etc.
IAG collaborates with the client to detect improvement points, to search for the most modern equipment for the process, and to design the required facilities. The next step is to assess the investment and define the work sequence that, affecting plant operability as little as possible, enables the fastest adaptation.

For driving and monitoring the adaptation, IAG provides dispatch and plant engineering, as well as the legalization of new equipment and facilities, monitoring and controlling work, and ultimately what is defined as Project Management.

Industrial infrastructure and urbanization

In collaboration with the Administrations and/or Urban Developers, IAG develops urbanization projects, both in design and in legalization and project management.
It carries out, both specifically and integrally, all the tasks to provide the land object of the action, with the different necessary urban services and infrastructures:


-Roads: Roads and sidewalks

-Supply of potable and industrial water

-Rainwater and sewage networks

-Medium voltage network and transformers

-Low voltage network

-Street lighting

-Gas network

-Telephone network

-Irrigation network


Logistics and warehouse design

It is essential to obtain the highest efficiency in the reception, storage, and dispatch systems of raw materials and finished and intermediate products.
IAG gets involved to optimize these actions, getting involved in the design phases, request for offers, construction, and legalization of logistics and storage facilities:

-Warehouse design in general

-Automated warehouses

-Picking systems

-Loading and unloading areas for materials and/or products

-Circulation of heavy vehicles and forklifts

-Storage and transport equipment

-Automated handling systems

-Warehouse management

Management of permits, authorizations, and periodic inspections

When a company decides to implement an activity or expand an existing one, it needs to obtain prior authorization from the various official bodies involved (Town Hall, Councils, Confederation, etc.). IAG carries out the technical projects and final certificates that are necessary, depending on the characteristics of its activity, and all the procedures necessary to register, cancel, or expand an activity or installation, in the various official bodies, legalizing any of these situations.
In addition, if your activity is industrial, IAG concurrently carries out and processes the technical projects and final certificates of each specific installation, to obtain the mandatory and necessary registration in the Industrial Register and thus be able to carry out the activity and obtain the necessary permits for electricity, gas, water contracting, and operation.

Regarding the technical and legal obligations motivated by the development of your activity, IAG carries out a personalized study of what the client’s obligations are and their periodicity. From an environmental point of view, IAG keeps up to date all the permits and authorizations that are necessary, registering and legalizing those environmental aspects that are not authorized.

Other Engineering Services

IAG provides the following technical services: valuations of industrial ships according to their characteristics and year of construction, valid for New Building permits, appraisals, tax settlements, or sales; Reports on the adequacy of machinery to regulations and CE Certification; Technical Reports and Expert Opinions for companies that require the intervention of a professional in this field; advises on basic aspects of the regulations on the Economic Activities Tax for the correct selection of tax elements; among others.