Emissions Discharges Waste
IAG prepares and processes annual/recurring or special documents, or assists with technical and administrative matters, in relation to the following:

-Hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

-Containers and packaging.



-Analysis of environmental risks.

Energy Efficiency
The achievement of continuous energy savings has become a fundamental element for the competitiveness of companies. Sources on which improvement actions can be undertaken to obtain energy savings in industrial facilities are: compressed air installation, suction installations, lighting installations, heat use, etc. IAG contributes to the complete process of optimizing the energy efficiency of companies:
-Identification of areas for energy efficiency improvement, action plan design and definition of energy indicators.
-Energy contracting: analysis of the current contract, prices and established conditions, analysis and negotiation of supply offers.
-Power adjustment: study of the components of electricity bills and their follow-up. Advice on production scheduling in certain factory sections according to hourly discrimination criteria.
-Advice for optimization in the acquisition of industrial machinery and equipment.
-Renewable energies.
Renewable energies: Thermosolar, Photovoltaic, Wind
IAG, due to experience in managing projects, structures, industrial processes, processing of complex activities or that are classified as potentially polluting and their knowledge of the regulations and the operation of the Administration, collaborates with their clients in determining the best option to reduce the amount of energy consumed or to complement it with renewable energy systems. Likewise, IAG’s support consists of developing basic and detailed engineering, requesting and discriminating evaluations of possible solutions, work supervision, program progress monitoring, start-up and legalization in all its aspects (industrial, regional, environmental ,…).
Environmental authorizations and licenses
Depending on the degree of potential impact on the environment, safety and health, the facilities are subject to one of the following environmental intervention instruments : Integrated Environmental Authorization, Environmental License, Responsible Environmental Declaration or Communication of harmless activities.The effective procedure is based on a prior analysis of the current situation of the company, its current authorizations, its resource structure technical and organizational, in their administrative and file management needs and even depending on their sectoral, technical and administrative reality and their future prospects. For those activities with a higher degree of potential environmental impact, the Integrated Environmental Authorization is the permit The only mandatory requirement for the start-up or substantial modification of industries with polluting potential (included in the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Legislation – IPCC) and precedes works permits, installation permits and the Industrial Registry.
IAG’s actions can be specified in:
-The completion and total management of the Integrated Environmental Authorization Request together with the procedures of those mandatory permits that the company did not have and that were necessary for the development of the file.
-Collaboration with the company’s own technicians, assuming the agreed part of the procedure or coordinating their work.
Environmental Impact
An Environmental Impact Assessment It is the set of studies and technical analyzes that allow estimating the effects that the execution of a certain project, work or activity can cause on the environment.When the projected activity is subject to the Environmental Impact Assessment process , in accordance with current regulations on the matter, an Environmental Impact Study must be carried out in which the significant environmental effects that the activity may have are described and in which the corrective measures to be adopted are evaluated so that they are reduced, eliminated or are compensated. IAG is in charge of drafting and managing the application and the Environmental Impact Study before the competent body, in order to obtain authorization or approval of the activity, work or installation by the corresponding substantive body.
CO2 Emissions Trading
To facilitate the commitment to reduce emissions of certain greenhouse gases, flexibility mechanisms have been created, including emissions trading: the affected industries received an amount of CO2 emission rights into the atmosphere, being able to sell or buy the following based on their actual emissions. If your company is included in the emission rights trading scheme, IAG technicians can help you with the procedures:
– Application for authorization of greenhouse gas emissions and preparation of the Emissions Monitoring Plan.
-Request to request rights for new entrants and extensions.
-Monitoring and notification of emissions and the forecast. Advice on the verification of authorized control body.
Environmental risk analysis


IAG carries out Environmental Risk Analysis to justify compliance with article 24 of Law 26/2007, of October 23, on Environmental Responsibility, for operators included in Annex III of said Law.

The Environmental Risk Analysis aims to identify and quantify environmental risk scenarios and calculate the environmental damage that may cause an unwanted incident at the operator’s plant, finally monetizing the environmental damage inherent to these events according to the analysis carried out and the impact. direct on the medium.

Article 33 of Royal Decree 2090/2008, of December 22, which approves the Regulation for the partial development of Law 26/2007, establishes that the calculation of the amount of the financial guarantee will be based on the analysis and evaluation of the environmental risk in accordance with Standard UNE 150.008.

The aforementioned Regulation provides for the possibility of using different voluntary instruments (Type Environmental Risk Report Models, Methodological Guides or Scale Tables).

IAG carries out Environmental Risk Analysis according to the Environmental Responsibility regulations, calculates the amount of the financial guarantee using the IDM and MORA computer applications of the Environmental Responsibility Information System (SIRMA) and advises on the presentation of the relevant responsible declaration before the authority. competent.