IAG INGENIERÍA ARQUITECTURA Y GESTIÓN INDUSTRIAL (hereinafter IAG INGENIEROS), an engineering and consulting services company for the industrial sector, has implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the applicable requirements of the UNE-EN ISO Standards 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015.

IAG INGENIEROS through proven criteria of ENGINEERING, ENVIRONMENT and PROJECT MANAGEMENT (INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENT), contributes together with its clients to give the greatest added value to their production plants and the greatest efficiency in their performance, respecting the environment.

IAG INGENIEROS assumes the following commitments:

Quality. Pursue the highest quality in the provision of services, always seeking the continuous improvement of processes through the establishment and control of indicators.

Legal requirements. IAG INGENIEROS will endeavor to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, both those of an environmental nature and those other commitments that the organization has signed, as long as it is technically and economically viable.

Customer loyalty and trust. Permanent listening and fostering cooperation as a way of ensuring the continuity and growth of the company.

Prevention of pollution and protection of the environment. IAG INGENIEROS will minimize and reduce the negative impact of its activities, optimizing the consumption of resources and minimizing the generation of waste.

Staff participation. Increase the motivation and involvement of the team through internal communication and ongoing training.

Evaluation of the improvement achieved through periodic reviews, for its continuous adaptation, of the operation of the Integrated Management System (Quality and Environment), its policy and the establishment of objectives.

IAG INGENIEROS will communicate the policy ensuring that it is known and known by all members of the organization, in order to publicize the commitments acquired and establish active collaboration in achieving them.

In addition, to demonstrate such commitments, IAG INGENIEROS makes this policy public and it will be available to any interested party.