COLORONDA, S.L. | Factory of colors, enamels and ceramic inks

Services performed

-Design, calculation, Project management and construction management of a new industrial warehouse and interior slabs for the laboratory in existing warehouses (on two floors). Construction project is carried out, negotiations with the City Council and legalization of the constructions.
-Design, calculation, Project management and construction management of a 5,000 m2 warehouse and a 950 m2 roof attached to it for a new compound enamel plant.
-Implementation of a new production process for the manufacture of inkjet inks. Project coordination and management work: Project Management, process design, lay-out design, civil works calculations and general facilities, construction management, supplier coordination, installation legalization and project management. As particularities of the project, the design and research of a new process for the company stands out, the installation to cover the refrigeration needs of the process itself and the installation of air conditioning for the plant.
-Expansion of the existing transformation center to cover the needs of the new ink manufacturing plant.
-Renewal of Integrated Environmental Authorization.